Dakini Rae, Tantra Practitioner "Cathleene is one of the most talented, authentic and embodied teachers that I have ever had! She has a lot of deep wisdom to share and she does it with so much grace and compassion. Thank you, Cathleene, for shining your light and proving that a little Shakti goes a long way.  

Clarity, Transformational Bodyworker "Cathleene does not hold anything back, yet her softness and calm energy create a safe container for me to really learn and grow. Highly recommend."

Tantric Arts Practitioner Training for Women

w/ Cathleene Cienfuegos & Monique Darling

Feb 17-23, 2021, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This is an immersive facilitator training for women in the Tantric Healing Arts and Sacred Healing Session work where you will learn and practice holding energetic, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual/sexual healing and transformation for other women.

Do you feel that you have an inner purpose that’s calling you to assist the healing of sexual pain, guilt and confusion in your community and to help restore wholeness, power and vibrancy?

So many of you are feeling the call to offer or facilitate Tantra to other women and are asking for the steps or a training to be able to do what we do. So we’re doing just that.

You are cordially invited to dive deep with us and to retreat with other women with a similar call ~ to help bring healing and wholeness to ourselves and our communities with Tantric Arts.

We’re offering you a Tantric Session work intensive; one that will teach you to do the hands on, multi-dimensional healing work of the Tantric Healing Arts focusing on working with women. Learn the skills to offer your greatest healing gifts to your clients, workshop attendees, partners... helping them reclaim their wholeness and REMEMBER….

Women have a key to unlocking massive potential in our society. A woman’s capacity for pleasure and connection to her own sexuality open doors of infinite wisdom and creativity! It is really really time for us to open that door for ourselves, our communities and the world. We want to invite you to be part of this opportunity to support women reclaiming empowerment. It is time to heal the hurt. This training is for you if you are on a healing path or a healer’s path or both!

Do you feel called to bring Ancient wisdom in a contemporary way?

Integrated Spiritual Sexual Healing Arts Practitioner Training Co-Ed

w/ Cathleene Cienfuegos & Eugene Hedlund

April 16-28, 2021, Austin, Texas  

This program is a hands on Sacred Sexuality Facilitator and Practitioner Training and Initiation for both Women and Men.  

It is a training for those who are guided to help and heal the rift between sex and spirit and to help bring people, communities and the world back to wholeness, power and love.  

It is an initiation into the deep tantric and shamanic soul work that creates lasting and permanent change and an awakened and integrated experience of life.  

This course is designed for current and potential practitioners or those who simply wish to learn these arts for their personal life and power.  

If this sounds like you, then stay tuned for updates!

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~ Cabo ~