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Cathleene is an Awaken As Love Lead Facilitator, Healing Arts Practitioner & Trainer. She brings deep spiritual lineages, as well as contemporary philosophies, cutting edge practices and much humor, compassion and empathy. She creatively weaves ancient and contemporary wisdom streams to create Integral sessions and retreats that inspire and invite Conscious Evolution.

She offers her clients a personal growth path, as well as a professional growth path, and her mission is to assist individuals in being fully empowered, fully expressed, and feeling deeply connected to life and their own innate wisdom. Cathleene has had a Tantric Healing Arts Practice for over 10 years that has served all genders in the processes of healing and sexual~spiritual integration. Three years ago she created a feminine-wisdom based business program in an effort to bring these healing arts to other professionals so they can create and grow sustainable and abundant coaching careers while they change the world..

She believes these Integral Healing Arts are the healing modalities of the New Earth.

Cathleene spends her time traveling, learning and teaching Awaken As Love, Tantric Healing Arts Practitioner Trainings and her business program Standing in the Fire. She has been a featured teacher and author on and for her groundbreaking work in pleasure and healing with full body orgasm.

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